It may look bare at the moment (no pun on the first entry intended…) but I will here be posting (semi-)regular reviews of some of my favourite picture books, and how I think they can be used in the Primary School classroom. PLEASE NOTE: I am not an ‘expert’ on children’s books, and as a trainee (now NQT!!!) I can’t really claim to be an expert at teaching either…so it’s not a brilliant start! But I am passionate about the value of children’s literature and picture books especially (see my reasons here), and so I invite you all to engage, critique, debate, downright berate (only if i REALLY get it wrong…) but most of all join me on my journey!

The Bear and the Piano David Litchfield

 House held up by Trees

Ted Kooser and Jon Klassen (ill.)

Dave’s Cave

Frann Preston-Gannon

 The Matchbox DiaryFront CoverPaul Fleischman and Bagram Ibatoulline (ill.)

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris LessmoreImage result for the fantastic flying books of mr. morris lessmoreW. E. Joyce

 The Bear Who StaredImage result for the bear who staredDuncan Beedie

Traction Man Is Here!Mini Grey



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